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30 minutes

 all audiences / indoors and outdoors 

300 people max. 

This humorous show dives into an ex-gymnast’s past. She was good, but not good enough to be remembered.  Ten years of intense training shaped her vision of her body and her femininity.


In Cruda, she finds humor amidst the cruel memories. She exposes her internal chaos with acrobatic movements, twisting her body, wringing the truth from within. She divulges everything: her shame around food, her obsession with forcing her body to fit impossible standards. Flexible in every way, she manipulates herself to be prettier, funnier, and skinnier - always more, more, more!


Her confessions liberate us as much as they liberate her. And once everything begins to slip out, the torrent can’t be stopped. She loves to feel free, express herself, laugh out loud,  showcase her faults, be crude, and explicit. She loves to indulge and allow herself things that nobody else will…


Cruda is raw, and she loves that we love her.


Bianca Riccardi pour Up! Circus and Performing Arts

+ 32 (0)2 538 12 02

Ficha técnico artística

CREATED & PERFORMED BY:  Constanza Sommi
DIRECTION : Sara Desprez
CLOWN DIRECTION:  Sky de Sela et Carmen Tagle

ARTISTICS INTERVENTIONS : Benjamin Renard, Noémie Armbruster, Christine Daigle

TECNICIANS: Thibaud Rocaboy /  Thibault Condy
ADMINISTRATION : L’Envoleur (Guillaume Cornu)

PHOTOGRAPHY : Guadalupe Aizaga

VIDEO : Benjamin Durfort, Nicolas Bier, Arthur Lecouturier


Région Pays de la Loire, Cité du cirque – Pôle régional cirque Le Mans,  L’Espace Catastrophe Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE) , Latitude 50 - Pole arts du cirque et de la rue,  Centre Culturel Wolubilis, Cirque Exalté,  Lézarti’cirque,  cie Mesdesmoisselles , France Relance

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